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Armageddon (geography)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the geography of the planet Armageddon. For other uses of Armageddon, see Armageddon (disambiguation).
Armageddon is an Imperial Hive World which suffered three major attacks, once by the forces of Chaos under the Daemon Prince Angron and twice by the Orks, under the overall command of Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.[2a][2b]

The world is made up of three main continents and two large named oceans as well as one region of island chains. They each had their roles in the Armageddon Wars but the majority of the fighting took place on the main continent.[2d][4]

The Fire Wastes

Main article: Fire Wastes

The Fire Wastes are located in the far north of Armageddon.[2d] Regardless of its position, it is the location of many of the ore mines that supply the main Armageddon region with resources in order to create the weapons it needs to survive.[Needs Citation]

The vast Sreya Rock Mountain Range covers most of the northern region of the Fire Wastes. They are burning rocks where not a breath of air stirs. It is from here that the River Hesperos springs; this is dammed by the Quaalaback Spur Hydro-Electric Dam which provides power to the mining operations. The dam also splits the river into two. There is a way through the Sreya Rock range, named the Koonanga Creek Canyon which used to be a vast, fast flowing river but has since dried up and turned into a hot desert-like pass that kills even the best prepared travelers.[Needs Citation]

The Black Lung Tar Pits are another region of inhospitable terrain, although these pits have been mined for thousands of years and the produce is used in the industrial processes back on the main Armageddon continent.[Needs Citation]

Another river is the Serestus River which goes around the Black Lung Tar Pits and past the Serestus River Refinery and the Serestus River Mineral Storage Facility and exits into the Boiling Sea via the B'taani Bay Penal Colony.[Needs Citation]

The sea itself also contains the Aderbein Oil Platform, vital for the functioning of the weapons manufacturers on the mainland. The main port is named the Fire Harbour and is home to hundreds of miles of docks and rigging equipment, designed to transport the materials excavated and created in the Fire Wastes to Armageddon.[Needs Citation]

There is also another Ore Mine off of the main Fire Wastes map area, far to the east. There used to be an undersea pipeline just off of the map to the west, but that was since destroyed when the other end of the pipeline was captured by the Orks.[Needs Citation]

The Boiling Sea

Main article: Boiling Sea

The Boiling Sea is the northern part of Armageddon's world ocean.[4]

Phoenix Island

Main article: Phoenix Island

Phoenix Island is an island located in the Boiling Sea south of the Fire Wastes and north of Armageddon Secundus.[4] It has two large docks known as Jabiru Quay and Ibis Reef Harbour as well as Victorinius Spaceport, used to house Thunderbolts and Furies.[8]

The main mine is known as the Nadala Gorge Ore Mine and is vital for the operation of Armageddon. Ancient machinery works in toxic conditions as the mine has been in operation for thousands of years. The Ore Produce is then shipped to the Valkyrie Bay Refinery which produces the chemicals and materials required for continuing the war on Armageddon. These are then shipped to the Phoenix Island Mineral Storage Facility in the south east of the island. The produce is then shipped on to either the Jabiru Quay docks or the Ibis Reef Harbour for shipping to the rest of Armageddon.[8]

In addition to its role as a naval hangar, Victorinius Spaceport is a stronghold against the Ork forces. It is not the only way off of the island, however. To the north east is the Heliopolis Bridge, a vital connection to the north which leads into the Fire Wastes. Unfortunately Ork Roks landed directly in the path of this bridge and blockaded it, preventing land forces from accessing the island, completely cutting it off from land support.[8]

Armageddon Prime

Armageddon Prime (also known as Armageddon Primus[2c]) is the western half of the main Armageddon continent, joining to Armageddon Secundus via the Equatorial Jungle. It has three large Hives known as Hive Tempestora, Hive Death Mire and Hive Volcanus.[2d]

Hive Volcanus

Main article: Hive Volcanus

The Hive Volcanus region is on the far western edge of Armageddon Prime.[2d] Situated at the estuary of the Erebus River, its two most obvious features are the many islands to the west and the gigantic mountain ranges to the south. The Volcanus Mountains and Volcanus Ridge cover most of the southern half of the area and atop the largest mountain is the Volcanus Mountain Space Defence Fortress, which was overrun by Orks from the dropsite to the east. The easiest path through the mountains is the Mannheim Gap, named after the Iron Skulls Titan Legion leader Kurtiz Mannheim.[11]

Hive Volcanus itself occupies the central area of the region with a motorway leading eastwards to the Vulcan Bridge over the Erebus river. In the west, on a number of the islands is the Volcanus Archipelago Offshore Defences which patrol the rivers and waterways leading up to Volcanus Hive, also the Nemesis Island Penal Facility is located nearby, holding the worst criminals from Armageddon Prime.[11]

Hive Tempestora

Main article: Hive Tempestora

The main feature of Hive Tempestora is the docks and pipelines from the Fire Wastes. There is also an Ork submersible graveyard, from which the Orks launched their attack on Tempestora and subsequently overran it. Also to the north is some Ash Wastelands created form the waste from the Tempestora East Factory Complex, the Morpheus Factory Complex and Khatrin Water Purification Plant, on the Morpheus River. There is one Ork Rok Dropsite located to the South East. Finally, the Morpheon Line faces inwards in order to contain the Orks within the Hive and eventually launch an attack on Tempestora with the intention of taking it back.[6] It is here that the Order of our Martyred Lady lost fully half their fighting forces defending the Sanctorum of St. Katherine to the last breath.[Needs Citation]

Hive Death Mire

Main article: Hive Death Mire

Hive Death Mire is in the northern-central area of the region[2d], where the Phlegethon River and the River Insane meet the north-western edge of the Equatorial Jungle.[12]

Apart from the jungle, the most prominent nearby features are the Hecate Mountains in the north and Death Ridge in the south, where the Orks can link with the Feral Orks from the Equatorial Jungle and launch assaults on the actual hive. A motorway joins the Phlegthon Bridge to the west, which crosses the river of the same name, and a tunnel which runs beneath the River Insane.[12]

In the Hecate Mountains is the Eyes of the Emperor Observatory, watching over vast area of Armageddon Prime for Ork troop movements, providing vital intelligence. It was critical in the destruction of the Blackfire Tribe by seeing Ork mobilisation in the Plains of Anthrand. Mire Anchorage is now one of the only deep water areas available for the gigantic gigatankers to arrive with the loss of the Hive Helsreach ports and the heavy fighting around the Diabolus Cove, although it is badly infested by Orks. Death Mire was one of the most heavily-defended hives on the planet; it is protected by the Storm Lords Space Marines and the Armageddon Ork Hunters. Finally, the vast Tempestor Victorum Line guards a large area from the Hecate Mountains to the Equatorial Jungle to protect the south and west flanks of Hive Death Mire against the orks that landed to the west. It takes its name from the two groups of Titans stationed there, Legio Tempestor and Legio Victorum, which have both pounded the Orks with unrelenting fire with the many bunkers and siege positions.[12]

Plains of Anthrand

Main article: Plains of Anthrand

The Plains of Anthrand are a large flatland area located in the southeast of Armageddon Prime.[2d][4]

The Equatorial Jungle

The Equatorial Jungle is the region between Armageddon Secundus and Armageddon Prime and consists mainly of large forested areas.[2d][13] It is divided into northern and southern regions by a long, straight motorway which leads to the Minos Bridge, which crosses the Minos River into Armageddon Secundus. The motorway also passes through Cerbera Base, the home of the Armageddon Ork Hunters, from which they launch their assaults on the Orks within the jungle.[13] The Orks were left over after the first Ork invasion and have reverted to a feral state.[2a][2c][13]

The ruins of the Wolf Outpost, which was destroyed by the base commander activating the self-destruct mechanism when it was overrun by Orks, are located on the eastern edge of the Jungle. The surrounding forty miles of jungle around the ruins was flattened. To the north is Plateau Greenskin, the largest concentration of Feral Orks. Due to its high position and difficult access routes it has yet to be cleared of Orks. To the south of this is an uninhabited region surrounding an ancient artefact of unknown origin. Anyone who goes near the ancient pyramid are driven insane, reduced to gibbering husks of their former selves.[13]

Far to the south is Angron's Monolith which has diseased the surrounding area and is now off limits.[3][13] Somehow it has resisted destruction. It appears to be somehow linked to the warp, possibly serving as a warp portal for Daemonic assaults but this is unconfirmed. Finally, to the far south east are the Plague Marshes where Feral Orks thrive. Unfortunately, hundreds of Guardsmen die of plague and disease caused by the giant insects, preventing effective sweeps of the area even though each guardsman is given drugs to counter the plagues.[13]

Armageddon Secundus

Main article: Armageddon Secundus

Armageddon Secundus is the eastern half of the main Armageddon continent, joining to Armageddon Prime via the Equatorial Jungle.[2d]

It has five large Hives: Helsreach, Infernus, Hades, Acheron and Tartarus[2d], although Hades Hive was destroyed in an orbital bombardment near the beginning of the Third War.[1b][1d] In addition, there are a number of smaller hives, including Tempestus Hive[1c] and Hive Stygia.[1e]

Hive Helsreach

Main article: Hive Helsreach

Hive Helsreach is dominated by the Hive itself as well as the Balboa mountains to the east, overlooking Grendel's Lock, a huge dock which has been mostly overrun by the Orks. Further to the south east is the Valdez Alpha Offshore Oil Platform, providing vital resources to the factories of Armageddon. To the south is the Valhaskan Arteries which pump water from the Deadlands into the southern Hives. The Ironside Shipyards are also on the south coast where ships are built and repaired, but were quickly overrun by the Orks. There is one Ork Rok dropsite as well as Hels Highway and the Batraxian Barrier with the gigantic weapons battery called Lethal Lucy, actual registration number SSB-1776. Also, part of the Hemlock Cordon is located to the north east, containing many Imperial forces after the fall of Hive Acheron. Also, to the north west is the Stygies bridge, crossing the River Stygies.[Needs Citation]

Hive Infernus

Main article: Hive Infernus

The Hive Infernus region is dominated by two mountain ranges, the Palidus Mountains and the Diablo Mountains, with Ork Mountain located at the peak of the Diablo Mountains. Hive Infernus is located at the centre of the region and is linked with the motorway and Stygies Bridge to the Hive Helsreach area. The Diablos Forge Complex, located to the east of the Hive, saw the first action with the Orks and was the site of a battle between the Orks and the Legio Crucius. 6 Titans and 8 Gargants were destroyed, but in the process practically destroying the entire Forge Complex. Diabolus Cove has become the centre of Ork fighting to prevent resources from reaching the Hive and as such many gigatankers have been destroyed in the process. The Equatorial Jungle to the west is met by a large area of Ash Wastes from the nearby factories and is very close to the Krynnan Canal which allows ships to move between the Boiling Sea and Tempest Ocean without having to sail all around the western end of the main Armageddon landmass. To the south is the Infernus South Forge Complex which produces many Chimeras and vast amount of ordnance for the defenders of Hive Infernus. The Stygian Bulwark is located to the east of the Infernus South Forge Complex and is there to protect it from the Orks hiding in the Palidus Mountains, with huge areas of fortifications and bombardment points spread along its length.[7]

Hades Hive

Main article: Hades Hive

Hades Hive was the site of heavy fighting during the Second War for Armageddon[1a], where Hades Hive was the lynch pin in defeating the Orks by holding up so many that their advance stalled.[10] The hive was left a ruin; even decades later it bore the scars of brutal conflict.[1a]

At the start of the Third War for Armageddon, Ghazghkull chose not to bother assaulting Hades, as he knew that the Imperial defenders would not offer much resistance before they abandoned the hive and fell back.[1a] As a result, he instead bombarded the hive from orbit, utterly annihilating it.[1b][10]

To the south west is the Diablo Mountains and Ork Mountain, to the east is the Eumendies Bridge linking to the motorway and passing the Averneas Forge Complex, which produces vast amounts of vehicles and ordnance for the war effort. It was partially destroyed when shards broke off from the Ork asteroids when they bombarded the Hive itself. The Ork Rok dropsite is located close to the motorway in the south and the majority of the area is covered in Ash Wastes from the nearby industry. In the north west Yarrick's Hope Harbour is a centre of resistance but was largely destroyed, however small attack craft can be launched from here to defend the pipelines across the Boiling Sea.[10]

Hive Acheron

Main article: Hive Acheron

Hive Acheron is far to the east of Armageddon Secundus.[2d] It is covered in vast areas of Ash Wastes from the Acheron East and West factories and the Euminidies Munitorum Factory Complex with motorways leading to Hades Hive and Hive Tartarus. There are two Ork Rok dropsites with the Acheron Hive in between both. To the south the Hemlock River Tunnel runs under the Hemlock River and to the north was the Von Strab Memorial Arch, recently changed to the image of Herman von Strab throughout the whole arch. To the southwest is the Hemlock Cordon where escapees from Hive Acheron have set up fortifications. The Hive has fallen to the Orks, but only through the treachery of Herman von Strab when he handed control over to them.[Needs Citation]

Hive Tartarus

Main article: Hive Tartarus

Hive Tartarus is in the southeast of Armageddon Secundus.[2d] The Tartarus West Factory, Hemlock Factory Complex and Skeletus Factory Complex contribute to the Ash Wastes to the east and one Ork Rok overlooks the entire area to the north east. There is one motorway north to Hive Acheron and one pipeline south to the Deadlands to bring fresh water to the Hive. The Hemlock Cordon is also partially in this area, where survivors from Hive Acheron have grouped. Clain's Stronghold was formed when units of defenders marched to Hive Infernus but were quickly stopped by an Ork force and forced to build defenses in the area and are constantly pounded.[9]

Ash Wastes

The Ash Wastes are not a specific area of Armageddon, rather the term describes areas of Armageddon's surface that have been so contaminated by industrial by-products over thousands of years that they have been reduced to seas of toxic ash inimical to human life.[6][10] The largest concentration of Ash Wastes lies outside of Hades Hive[10], but there are known to be Ash Wastes nearby Hive Tempestora[6], Hive Infernus[7] and Hive Tartarus.[9]

The Tempest Ocean

Main article: Tempest Ocean

The Tempest Ocean is the southern part of Armageddon's world ocean.[4]

The ocean boasted a number of offshore oil-rigs known as the Valdez Oil Platforms, located somewhere due south of Hive Helsreach. The platforms were attacked and destroyed by the orks during the Third War for Armageddon.[1c]

The Deadlands

The Deadlands are split into two areas, the Deadlands itself and the Netheria Peninsula. The entire continent is far enough to the south that it is completely covered by ice and as such is used primarily as a water creation and purification site. It was attacked with unexpectedly heavy forces.[Needs Citation]

The Deadlands

Main article: Deadlands

The Deadlands are the western of the two regions. It contains one of the two main water processing plants, and this is broken down into the St. Capilene Water Processing Plant and the minor Phaedra River Water Processing Plant, located where the Phaedra River merges into one. The water is then pumped via overland pipes to the Lemaire Channel Water Pumping Station which stores and then pumps water via the undersea pipes to both Hive Helsreach and Hive Tartarus.[Needs Citation]

There is also the Dante's Canyon Oil Drilling Station which supplies oil to the south of the Armageddon continent. The Valdez Gamma Oil Platform also provides oil and is located off the north east coast of the Deadlands. Another oil producing site is the Yarrick Point Oil Drilling Station, located far to the west.[Needs Citation]

Finally, there is the Zebra Ice Station Defense Fortress which protects the entire region from orbital attacks and provides a vital bastion of strength to the defenders of the region.[Needs Citation]

There are two Ork Rok landing sites as well as an Ork submersible shipyard located to the north. These produce the huge gigatankers that the Orks used to assault the Hives on the south coast of Armageddon.[Needs Citation]

Netheria Peninsula

Main article: Netheria Peninsula

The Netheria Peninsula is located far to the east of the Deadlands region and contains the other major water producing site. It has four processing plants, named Eagle River Water Processing Plant as it is situated on the polluted Eagle River, Maigaard Rock Water Production Plant, the Resolute Bay Water Processing Plant which technically purifies the water produced by the Maigaard Rock and Laertes Valley Water Processing Plant, which is situated on the Laertes River Valley. These feed into the Netheria Peninsula Water Pumping Station via Overland Pipes and then via undersea pipelines to Armageddon.[5]

There is also the Valdez Omega Oil Platform which provides oil to Armageddon, as well as the McCready Cape Research Facility which contains many captured Orks, sent there to be studied.[5]

To the north is Orkwik Airfield, a haven for Ork fighters in the south. Also, S.S. Icerok is located close to Orkwik, a giant iceberg housing thousands of Orks that requires an engine big enough to move it across the ocean to assault Armageddon, although they will encounter problems when it starts melting. There is also one Ork Rok Dropsite to the west.[5]

Finally, there is the Imperial Emplacement OC-1867 "Armageddon Annie" gun battery emplacement, which when coupled with Emplacement SSB-1776 "Lethal Lucy" near Hive Helsreach, they serve to defend the south against orbital bombardments which could destroy the undersea pipelines. It also forms a bastion of defensive power, enough to hold the Orks back long enough for reinforcements to arrive.[5]

Red Angel's Gate

Located in the northern polar region, the Red Angel's Gate was the point from which Angron originally manifested onto Armageddon during the First War for the world. It persisted after his defeat, but remained largely inactive and watched over by a Strike Cruiser of the Grey Knights.[16] However recently with the formation of the Great Rift, Daemons have been able to pour from the gate once more.[15]



Many of the settlements of Armageddon are named for dark figures or places associated with either the end of the world or the afterlife in various mythologies. For more information, see the individual articles.