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Armand Titus

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Chaplain Dreadnought Armand Titus during the Badab War[1b]

"Here we stand and here shall we die, unbroken and unbowed, though the very hand of death itself come for us, we will spit our defiance to the end!"
-Armand Titus during the last stand on Khymara Ellipsis[1a]

Armand Titus was a Chaplain of the Howling Griffons.[1a]

In 143.M41, Titus, along with the 4th Company, led the final assault against the renegade General Jorun and his forces during the Jorun Retaliation. Fighting his way through renegade guard, Ogryn and Dark Eldar, he was wounded by xenos poisons; despite this he broke through to face General Jorun and delivered the Emperor's justice. Upon returning to Mancora Titus was encased in a dreadnought to continue his service to the Chapter.[1a]

Titus continued to serve with the 4th Company throughout M41, including the campaign in the Caradryad system and into the Badab War.[1a]

He was present on Khymara when the Executioners assaulted the moon base and was one of the large number of losses.[1a] The surviving Howling Griffons found the wreck of Titus' Dreadnought laid out, surrounded by a ring of broken weapons, a shattered Executioners' standard placed in the war machine's lifeless grasp.[1b]