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Armanneus Valthex

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Armanneus Valthex miniature[2]

Armanneus Valthex, also known as the Alchemancer, was the Master of the Forge of the Astral Claws as well as Lufgt Huron’s personal armourer. He fought in the Badab War on the Secessionist side and is now Forge Master of the Red Corsairs.[3]


A man of singular intellect and driven curiosity, Valthex's skills as a crafter of poisons and chemical weaponry were as infamous as his abilities as a forge-wright and tech-smith were famed. It was he Lufgt Huron turned to in order to expand his Chapter's military might to keep pace with it's increasing ranks. A true genius and polymath, Valthex was known to have been singled out for his technical brillance even as a young recruit, and in his later career the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus consulted him on certain matters pertaining to the deeper mysteries of Astartes technology on which he was widely regarded as one of the greatest living experts.

During the Badab War, Valthex fought as a field commander and as chief siege engineer, and it was believed that it was he that carried away his fallen Lord's body into the Maelstrom after the apocalyptic final battle for the Palace of Thorns.[1] Valthex would later assist Lord Apothecary Garreon in saving Huron's life, an act which has earned both Marines Huron's gratitude and left them largely immune to his wrath.[3]

Valthex is one of Huron's few lieutenants he feels is genuinely loyal.[4]

Weapons and Abilities

As the Astral Claws chief of Techmarines, Valthex was entrusted with a device known as the Indynabula Array; a relic handed down the centuries as a symbol of his office. This ancient machine, believed to pre-date the Chapter's founding is a servo-mechanical system of maddening complexity and wide-ranging ability which far supersedes that carried by normal Techmarines in their duties. Valthex was not only able to master this mysterious device but further added to it a powerful conversion beam projector of his own construction.[1]