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Armour of Gorhu

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An armor worn by Gorhu, considered a renegade by his fellow Eldar in ancient times, seemingly cursed to always bear discord, misery, and confusion in his wake. Gorhu’s miraculous armour was believed to be the cause of this. His armour, many said, was a cursed thing, created by a Chaos power. At first, Gorhu delighted in the magical armour he found, for while he wore it he could not be slain by any force. His companions soon noticed, however, that Gorhu was incapable of learning even the simplest thing or gaining any wisdom as long as he wore the armour. Indeed, as time passed, he actually seemed to lose what meager skills he began his career with. Thus Gorhu, who at one time was a being of great acclaim, slowly descended into madness. He eventually took flight from his fellows, never to be seen again.

Millennia later, forces from the Craftworld of Iyanden discovered the armor, while searching for relics on the Maiden World of Davinuus, still bearing its curse.[1]