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Armoured Spearhead

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An Armoured Spearhead is a Space Marine tactical formation used to punch holes in the enemy's battlelines.[1]


This formation takes advantage of the overwhelming firepower and superior protection provided by the Land Raider. Composed of three such vehicles, including the command tank, the Armoured Spearhead adopts a spearhead formation which it uses to penetrate the enemy's forces at their strongest point. Following behind them is a force of lighter Rhinos and Razorbacks, which seek shelter behind the armoured bulk and punishing fire of the Land Raiders. Once a hole has been breached by the Armoured Spearhead, these carriers swarm in its wake to penetrate deeper in the enemy's rear areas.[1]

Originally this formation was used solely by the Iron Hands and Imperial Fists Chapters, however its usefulness has seen other Chapters adopt the formation for their own use, making adaptations to its composition. The Black Templars rely heavily on the Land Raider Crusader, while the Doom Legion use the Land Raider Helios for their siege operations.[1]