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Arnoch was a Captain in the Crimson Sabres when its Chapter Master Nigellus was killed in the Fornstadt Rebellion in 599.M38. He was chosen to take command of the Chapter shortly afterwards[1a]. Despite his death, the new traditions laid down by Nigellus lived on and if anything, under Arnoch's command the Chapter became even more fervent and exacting in its strict adherence to orders. The new Chapter Master became known as the Intransigent and one of Arnoch's first acts sought to further banish their past, which had begun being hidden by Nigellus, as he became wary of how others might judge the Crimson Sabres. He made the decision to seal all entrances to the Sanctum of the Sword, the innermost chambers of the tallest tower of their Fortress Monastery on Rhoghon, which contained the truth of the Crimson Sabres' founding Chapter and the full history of their past deeds. Not only did Arnoch's decision lock away evidence of any perceived imperfections, but also declared that the Crimson Sabres' past was over and a new era for the Chapter had begun.[1b]