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Arreteia Dhorne

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Arreteia Dhorne is an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, whose Acolytes have discovered that three-quarters of the Imperium Nihilus Systems bordering Vigilus, have been consumed by rebellion and civil war.[1]

She knew that Abaddon the Despoiler was responsible and he that was instigating the upheaval in order to prevent Imperium Nihilus reinforcements from reaching Vigilus. Dhorne also learned that her networks of Acolytes in the compromised Systems were being actively dismantled. This was no coincidence and the Inquisitor believed that Abaddon's forces were trying to find her. Dhorne had manged to escape from the Despoiler's clutches once before, but the Inquisitor feared she would be able to do so again. This led her to record what she had discovered about the Systems and Abaddon's pursuit of her. Dhorne concluded by asking that if anyone in the Inquisition heard her message, that they should warn the Imperium. The Inquisitor then began quickly sending the recording out, via any means available to her.[1]

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