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Arthas Moloch

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Arthas Moloch is an Artefact World. It was also a shrine world of the Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine Chapter[Needs Citation].

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Map arthras moloch.jpg
Name: Arthas Moloch ArthasMoloch.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Tau Empire, Tentatively
Class: Artefact World

Planetary Information

The Artifact World of Arthas Moloch is a desolate one, filled with strange, faceless statues that predate the Imperium. The world's surface is cracked and broken, and no life exists on the planet. The worlds ruins and tombs however bear the dark brown smears of bloodshed and the images of shadows burnt into the walls. If one were psychic, they would see the planet shine like a gold mine in a firelight.[3]

O'Shovah visited this world while clearing Tau Space of Orks during the Farsight Expedition of the Tau Empire. In the ruins of a mysterious Dais, the Farsight and his forces fought off unknown forces that were likely Chaos Daemons.[3] During this battle, all of Farsights Ethereals were killed, and Farsight took up a mysterious weapon known as the Dawn Blade to defeat the creatures and the portal they emerged from. After the battle, O'Shovah and the Tau force left the world and later founded the Farsight Enclaves.[3]