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Articles of War

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The Imperial Navy Articles of War are a book of Imperial Navy regulation consisting of clauses, and including the Principal Measures of the Articles of War.[1][2][3]

Known clauses

  • "You are expected at all times and in all situations to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to, and mindful of, the great duties and traditions of the Emperor's Most Glorious and Honourable Navy." - opening line of the Imperial Navy Articles of War[4]
  • Ships must respond to general alarm signals unless there is an over-riding situation, or a countermanding order from a superior officer.[5] Failure to respond is a high-treason offence.[5]
  • The Imperial Navy chain of command is inviolable.[1]
  • Admirals are under to obligation for their ship or fleet to obey orders from another admiral of the same rank, regardless of which admiral has served longest.[1]
  • Captains must follow orders given to them by their superior officer.[3] Punishment for failure to do so is military execution.[3]
  • Naval jurisdiction remains even on vessels that have been seconded to the Imperial Guard, with captains maintaining seniority of rank and command of their ships.[5]


The expectation for all crew to know, obey, and be able to recite the Principal Measures of the Articles of War was added as the first of many Standing Orders of the Imperial cruiser Relentless by Captain Ward, soon after taking command of the ship.[2]

Reading out the Articles of War was a pre-battle ritual adopted by Jeryll, a Marauder Bomber crewmember on the Divine Justice.[6]