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Arven Rauth

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2drones.gif This article is about the Iron Hands Space Marine; for the Deathwatch Space Marine, see Darrion Rauth.

Arven Rauth is a Clan-Commander of the Iron Hands, leader of Clan Raukaan.[Needs Citation] He took command of the Clan after Iron Father Kristos was corrupted during the Gaudinian Heresy.[2]


A cold, calculating leader, Arven Rauth has been purged of all weakness and in its place, only strength remains.[1]

Physical appearance

During his training as a Neophyte Rauth was severely wounded by a bolt-round fired by Iron Hands Sergeant Tartrak. His left arm, heart and one lung blown were then eventually replaced by augmetics.[3a] He was again severely wounded in battle against the so-called Prophet Alpha.[3b] He later suffered further bodily damage battling Callivantine Cyber-ghouls.[4]