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Arx Angelicum

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Arx Angelicum[4]

Arx Angelicum is the Fortress-Monastery of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter. It is located on the Blood Angels homeworld of Baal.[1]


The Arx Angelicum was built during the Great Crusade and was capable of housing the entire Blood Angels Legion. When the Blood Angels Legion was reformed as a Chapter and reduced in size following the Second Founding, large portions of the fortress-monastery became disused or abandoned despite it still being inhabited by tens of thousands of Blood Thralls[5]. Over time, these outlying areas of the Arx were buried by the dust storms of Baal until they were ordered unearthed by Dante at the end of M41, both to reinforce the Arx against the imminent invasion of Baal by the tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan and to house its defenders - an assembly of the Blood Angels' Successor Chapters.[2] During the Devastation of Baal the Arx Angelicum was almost entirely overrun by the Tyranids and it was here that Dante and the surviving sons of Sanguinius made their final stand in the battle.[2a]


The Arx is built in and around an ancient, extinct volcano with two peaks[3] which lies in the Endless Desert. The caldera of the largest peak was remade into a great wall known as the Arx Murus, which circles the Dome of Angels.[2]

  • Arx Murus - outer wall which circles the Dome of Angels[2]. Many of the Chapters key buildings are built upon this outer layer.[5]
    • Well of Angels - Deep crevasse behind the main wall.
    • Archangelian - Needle-thin tower upon the Arx Murus that holds the chambers of the Chapter Master[2b]
    • Basilica Sanguinarum[5]
    • Heavenward Redoubt - the fortress's keep.[2]
    • Walk of Angels - Open statue-lined path leading to the Dome of Angels[2e]
  • Dome of Angels - Retractable armour-glass that covers the whole interior of the Fortress[5]
  • Unknown location: