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An Arachni-Rig Servo-Suit[1]

Arachni-rigs are massive advanced combat Servo-rigs, that are created by Necronmunda's House Van Saar, which makes heavy use of them due to the physical deficiencies that commonly afflict the House's members.[1]


Each rig is an artisan piece, that puts to shame the simple utilitarian forms of mass produced Servo-rigs and are controlled by the wearer's nervous system or via a direct MIU. They are armed with a twin-linked heavy lascarbine and four servo-arms, which give the Arachni-rigs' wearer a spider-like appearance and each one can be replaced with various weapons. Though it is an advanced piece of machinery, it is not uncommon for Van Saar's gangs to wear a Arachni-rig, in their battles within the Underhive.[1]

Known Arachni-rigs Users

Arachnika Ash-jumper

The Arachnika Ash-jumper is a more nimble variant of the Arachni-rig and is designed for prowling Necromunda's wasteland outposts and broken terrain. It is fitted with powerful jump boosters that fire the Ash-jumper through the air in great leaps and bounds. This allows the Servo-rig to keep up with the Grav-Cutters of House Van Saar's Neoteks. The Ash-jumper also has an adjusted loadout which swaps out two Servo Arms for a Flamer and Harpoon Launcher.[3]


  • Arachni-rig[2]
  • Arachnika Ash-jumpers[3]