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Asheera Voi

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Asheera Voi is a Sisters of Silence Oblivion Knight, who took part in the Plague Wars.[1b]


This page contains spoilers for: Dark Imperium: Plague War (Novel)

She was part of Lord Commander Guilliman's forces that were assembled to liberate Parmenio from the Death Guard. When they arrived above the invaded world, however, they discovered a buildup of Warp energy emitting from Hecatone, the capital of Parmenio's eastern continent. Guilliman knew this meant a Warp Clock was located there, as those devices played a key part in the Death Guard's offense in Ultramar. Unfortunately, the capital was protected by a Warp Field that prevented Guilliman's warships from destroying the Clock with an orbital bombardment. So instead a Psyk-Out missile was used to disable the shield, and this allowed[1a] Tetrarch Felix to lead a strike force through it, before the shield activated again. Voi was part of this strike force, which upon landing, targeted[1b] a corrupted power generatorum[1c], which the Warp Field device was located in. As most of the strike force drew the Death Guard to them, Felix led Voi and a small group[1b] to find the generatorum's reactor. It contained the device that was controlling the Warp Field and Felix's group would permanently destroy the Field, with a Psyk-Out bomb.[1c]

Voi played a key part in this[1b], as while the strike force fought the Death Guard, her Blank ability allowed Tetrarch Felix's group to go unnoticed. This held true, until they were located just as the neared the reactor. With time now of the essence, the group raced towards the reactor, but just before they entered it, Felix stopped them. He warned that it was likely the reactor was emitting deadly radiation and only his power armor would allow Felix to safely enter the room. Voi chose to ignore Felix's orders, as the Death Guard were closing in, and raced into the reactor's room. Once inside she saw a massive cancerous heart, which had taken over the room and was drawing the reactor's power to maintain the Warp Field. Voi did not hesitate at this sight and immediately cut the heart open, as an astonished Felix looked on. The group then quickly activated the Psyk-Out bomb and threw it into the opening Voi made in the heart. They then had to wait there and defend the bomb for five minutes, before it activated and destroyed the Warp Field. The Death Guard, however, soon arrived and fell upon the Felix's group in waves. Despite their skills, the group lost two members and the rest were nearly killed before the Psyk-Out bomb finally detonated. The bomb contained the remains of Blanks and this outright killed many of the attacking Death Guard, whose souls were tainted by the Chaos God Nurgle. Even Felix and his group were greatly affected - all save Voi, whose status as a Blank left her unharmed. Afterwards, Lord Commander Guilliman contacted them and confirmed their mission had been a success and the Warp Field was destroyed. Voi and the group then killed any Death Guard that survived the explosion, before rejoining the rest of the strike force. With their task complete, Voi, Felix and the other surviving members of the strike force, were all evacuated back to Guilliman's fleet, before the warships leveled the corrupted power generatorum.[1c]