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Ashpharim Dhey

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Ashpharim Dhey, the Saviour is a Rogue Psyker who serves the Thousand Sons in the Age of the Dark Imperium.[1]

He was once a member of the Sorcerer Amhot's inner circle of acolytes, but was given a new role in the wake of Mankind's Psychic Awakening[1]. As new Psykers began to emerge throughout the Imperium, Dhey was charged with saving them from being hunted down and killed. To do so, he would infiltrate Imperial worlds and offer psykers a safe haven, in the New Kingdom the Daemon Primarch Magnus was building in the Prospero System. If they accepted, Dhey requested that they show their loyalty to Magus by bearing the Cyclops' Mark, which required them to cut out their right eye, in imitation of the Daemon Primarch. Once Dhey had gathered a significant amount of psykers, he would take them to his ship and begin the long journey back to the Prospero System[2]. A perilous journey many of these psykers would not survive, as they began training to use their powers.[1]