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Ashur-Kai Qezremah

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Ashur-Kai Qezremah is a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons.

Known as the White Seer, Ashur-Kai was a potent Psyker who commanded the warship Tlaloc and its advanced partly Daemonic Machine Spirit known as the Anamnesis. He eventually fell under the command of the Sorcerer Iskandar Khayon and became part of the Kha'Sherhan warband. Along with the rest of his warband, Ashur-Kai swore itself to Abaddon the Despoiler and took part in the first battle of the Black Legion, the Battle of Harmony. Though the Tlaloc was destroyed during the battle, Ashur-Kai was aboard the Vengeful Spirit and continued to serve Abaddon.[1]

Shortly before the commencment of the First Black Crusade, Abaddon's fleet was unable to break out of the Eye of Terror. The Warp Ghosts suddenly appeared, offering to ferry them to the Cadian Gate should a price be met. Abaddon agreed to give up psyker children of his human slaves and several Sorcerers within the fleet. Ashur-Kai was among those to be taken and voluntarily went with the Warp Ghosts leader, Saronos.[2]

In an apparent act of time travel, it was later revealed that Saronos was likely a future version of Ashur-Kai himself.[2]