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Asirnoth was a beast Ferrus Manus fought on his homeworld Medusa before the arrival of the Emperor. His battles are related in many heroic tales, but this is the most famous by far.

The great battle between Ferrus and the Great Silver Wyrm took place in the legendary Land of Shadows, a place of fear and darkness (even for Medusa, being perpetually covered by thick polluted clouds). It is said that many ancient devices of metal and stone of gigantic proportions stood there, but is now long lost. From this description, it would appear that Medusa was inhabited prior to the population that Ferrus encountered. Also, it is said that the ghost-spirits of the clan roam there, possibly actually making this some form of afterlife world or is merely superstition.

Described in the Canticle of the Travels, it is said that Ferrus stalked the beast for days, hunting it across the land until he finally caught it. He pummeled it with his mighty fists, yet could not even dent the huge armour. He fought for days across land and sea, trading blows but never flinching. Eventually Ferrus slew the beast by forcing it under a magma river. Although his hands were burning horribly, he held it below the magma until it melted, and when he removed his hands from the magma, they were coated in the living metal of the beast. It was flexible like flesh, yet as hard as ceramite. This is how he got his metal hands.