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Aspect Warriors (Video Game)

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Aspect Warriors
Developer EA
Publisher EA
Released Cancelled
Genre 2D Action/Real Time Strategy (RTS)
Plattform Sega Genesis

Aspect Warriors was a cancelled 2D isometric action/RTS (Real Time Strategy) video game, that was produced by Electronic Arts (EA) for the Sega Genesis console.[1]

In the game's storyline, an Aeldari Craftworld is attacked by the forces of Chaos and the Craftworld's Avatar of Khaine must be awakened to defeat the invaders. Before that can happen, however, its lost weapon, the Wailing Doom, must be found first. A Swooping Hawk, Howling Banshee and Dark Reaper of the Craftworld's Aspect Warriors are sent to find it, and must combat various foes of the Aeldari to do so. Gameplay wise, each Aspect Warrior had different attributes and the player would select one to play as, before a level began. However, after the Wailing Doom was found, the Aspect Warriors were then required to sacrifice themselves to the Avatar, in order to fully awaken it.[2]

Current Status

The game began to be worked on in January 1993 and was scheduled to be released February 1994, before it was cancelled. According to Jules Burt, who worked on Aspect Warriors, the game was near its Alpha stage, when EA cancelled it along with 20 other games.[1]