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Champion of Chaos

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Champion of Chaos; for the Champion of the Emperor, see Emperor's Champion.
A Champion of Chaos.[3]

A Champion of Chaos is an individual who has dedicated himself to further the cause of his particular Chaos God, or Chaos Undivided as a whole. He may be a warrior or a sorcerer.


Chaos offers power to the ambitious. To some, it offers hope in an unfair world; where justice, wealth and happiness are the prerogatives of a privileged few, and where the only escape from starvation or persecution lies in the egalitarian favours of Chaos - for Chaos judges its servants on merit alone and rewards them accordingly.[1]

The road to power begins with the aspiring champion offering body and spirit to Chaos, either to an individual Power or to Chaos as a whole. Not all who choose to dedicate themselves are accepted. Often it takes a spectacular deed of courage to attract the attention of the Chaos Powers. If the candidate is accepted he receives a Mark of Chaos from his Patron. This is the Patron's own mark, and each mark confers some ability or characteristic.[1]

Once a Champion receives the mark he begins to attract followers from the lesser servants of Chaos. The Chaos Powers use their Champions to further their aims in the material universe. The Champion's life becomes an endless series of battles, raids and quests. As the Champion serves Chaos he becomes increasingly changed through mutations granted by the Patron. The road to power ends eventually either in the Champion being reduced to a mindless and formless Chaos Spawn or raised to daemonhood as an immortal and powerful Daemon Prince.[1]

All Chaos Champions are mortal and can be killed, although this is always a dangerous undertaking as they are powerful foes. A Chaos Champion's followers are known as a Chaos Warband. Warbands are deadly rivals to each other, fighting each other to gain the attention of their Patrons. Even followers of the same god are deadly rivals. Sometimes shaky alliances are formed by extremely powerful champions. The truly successful are rewarded with immortality and are elevated to the rank of Daemon Prince.[1]

Types of Chaos Champion

Common Champions

Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion[4]
Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer
  • Aspiring Champion: The most common type, an Aspiring Champion leads squads of Chaos Space Marines, Chosen, Raptors and Havocs.[2a][2c]
  • Terminator Champion: An Aspiring Champion who has somehow acquired a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, often through killing the previous owner themselves. These champions lead squads of Chaos Terminators[2a]
  • Possessed Champion: Leader of the Possessed, these Champions are often possessed by a powerful daemon and horribly mutated beyond even their brethren[2b]
  • Plague Champion: Plague Marine squad leaders, often the most horribly infested as well as the toughest to defeat.[2d]
  • Noise Champion: The most dedicated to Slaanesh and leaders of Noise Marine squads. They commonly brandish rare sonic weaponry unavailable to most.[2d]
  • Skull Champion: Leaders of Berzerker squads and seen as the most bloodthirsty as well as the best trained type of champion.[2e]
  • Aspiring Sorcerer: Sorcerers in training before becoming true Chaos Sorcerers, leaders of Thousand Sons units[2e]
  • Biker Champion: Leaders of Bike squadrons, often highly bloodthirsty and obsessed with speed.[2f]
  • Exalted Champion: High-ranking champions and lieutenants of Chaos Lords.[7]

God Champions

Chaos Lords are often aligned to one of the four gods and become Champions of their chosen deity. Often this grants them a measure of the power of their god including mutations and greater resilience, or enhanced strength or psychic abilities.

  • Champion of Nurgle — Disease and death are the most potent forces in the galaxy and the Champions of Nurgle embody all of these. They are swollen and bloated, often little more than moving pus sacks and disease transmitters. Their bodies have been dulled to pain and as such can endure much damage before they die.[2g]
  • Champion of Khorne — The most bloodthirsty and savage fighters, Champions of Khorne lust after the spilling of blood and the roar of battle to satisfy the desires of Khorne. They are experts in many weapon forms which others could not master but do not fight in a graceful manner, preferring to bludgeon their way through enemies. Only the greatest battles can sate their thirst for blood.[2g]
  • Champion of Slaanesh — Desire is a strong emotion and Slaanesh is the embodiment of this, with his Champions reveling in their pleasures. They take joy from the ending of life on the battlefield, a perverse pleasure for which the desire is constantly increased. The senses of the Champion are increased beyond recognition and their minds are so fast to react that they fight in a blur which many enemies cannot even see, let alone defend against.[2g]
  • Champion of Tzeentch — Highly powerful psykers make up the ranks of the followers of Tzeentch, and his most deadly followers are the greatest of these. The enhanced powers Tzeentch grants his Champions allows them to project Warp powers which no loyal follower of the Emperor would dream about. They often wear charms and pendants to protect themselves from the powers of the Warp; although the dangers are lessened they are still there. Often the Champion is merely a piece in a larger scheme and useful pieces are the best protected.[2g]

List of Known Chaos Champions


Aspiring Champion from Kill Team: Nachmund[10]


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