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Intercessor Squad

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Primaris Intercessor

An Intercessor Squad is the mainstay of the Primaris Space Marine units, analogues to Tactical Squads.


Intercessor Squads form a core of reliable and adaptable warriors that can lay down fire while advancing or holding terrain. Capable of leveling overlapping salvos of firepower, Intercessor Squads often form the flexible fighting core of newly founded Primaris Chapters. Many other established Chapters have taken to fielding them alongside their Tactical Squads. Recently reinforced Chapters such as the Crimson Fists and Scythes of the Emperor have found these new warriors fit for a multitude of tasks. More Codex-divergent Chapters have found their own roles for Intercessor Squads, from the stern dropsite defenders of the Raven Guard to the breachsuppressors of the Imperial Fists.[2]

Each member of an Intercessor Squad carries some variant of a bolt rifle, the standard version of which has a longer range and greater armour penetration than a bolter. Additionally, each Intercessor also bears a bolt pistol and frag and krak grenades. This load-out allows Intercessor Squads to dominate any firefight, laying down punishing fire to eliminate all but the most resilient of foes. But Intercessor Squads are not purely ranged specialists. They are capable of punching clean through walls, enduring the heat of raging infernos, and ripping apart xenos horrors with their gauntleted hands.[2]

Intercessors who wield Chainswords are known as Assault Intercessors.[3]

Notable Intercessors