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Astartes Combat Webbing

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Astartes Combat Webbing is a sturdy web belt with detachable load-bearing suspenders. The belt and load-bearing suspenders are five centimetres wide and adjustable to fit nearly every body size, as well as over standard Scout Carapace armour. The webbing is designed to carry hard and soft-sided pouches for equipment and ammunition that a scout needs readily at hand. These pouches come in a variety of sizes, and range in use from magazine pouches to medikits to holsters and drop pouches. The pouches connect to the belt and suspenders with a series of semi-permanent clips that can be undone with any flat-bladed tool.

There are a vast amount of pouches, some of the most common of which are the following:

  • Clip Pouch: Holds two weapon clips. These pouches come in different sizes depending on the kind of clip (Bolt, autopistol, charge pack, etc.).
  • Medicae Pouch: Contains cataplasm patches, contraseptics, synthetic skin applicators, single-use injectors containing detox, pain suppressant, morpha, resuscitex, a few bandages and a tourniquet.
  • Vox Pouch: Holds one standard hand-held Astartes vox unit.
  • Grenade Pouch: Carries four standard Krak or Frag grenades.
  • Knife Sheath: Carries one Astartes Combat Knife.
  • Shotgun Pouch: Carries eight rounds of Astartes shotgun ammunition.
  • Sidearm Holster: Strapped to the thigh and attached to the belt via a quick-release strap, each holster is specifically tailored to fit a specific Deathwatch issue sidearm.
  • Drop Pouch: Attached to the combat webbing belt like the sidearm holster, the drop pouch is useful for spent magazines or samples and has a draw-string opening or a magnetic lock.