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Imperial Guard Camouflage Schemes

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The Imperial Guard fight over vast areas and terrains and as such require specialised Camouflage Schemes in order to blend into their background. Having desert gear on an ice world for example is just asking for an assault by superior forces. This is especially relevant to tanks when their size would make them an obvious target.[Needs Citation]

Tank Camo Schemes

Codex Pattern variant: Arctic: Icecap

Ref.:1st Regiment, Skirmish on Bridge-Glacier Rigel, Badab War

Note: unpainted replacement panel[2a]
Brown/Tan Camo[1]BrownTanCamo.jpg
Cadian Pattern[1]CadianPatternCamo.jpg
Cadian 301st[1]Cadian301Camo.jpg
Chemical Wastes[1]ChemWastesCamo.jpg
Chemical Wastes[1]ChemWastesCamo2.jpg
Codex Incept Pattern
Ref.: 7th Regiment Lucky Sevens[2b]
Codex Olive-Drab
Ref.: 7th Regiment Lucky Sevens[2a]
375th Death Korps of Krieg
Plasma Storm Pattern[1]
Desert Camo[1]DesertCamo.jpg
Codex Pattern variant: Desert: Death World
Ref.:1st Regiment, Battle of Kruger Ridge, Crow's World Campaign[2a]
Codex Pattern variant: Desert: Iron oxide
Ref.:Necromunda 8th Regiment The Spiders, Relief Force - Siege of Fort Wrath[2a]
Fire Wastes[1]FireWasteCamo.jpg
Ion Storm Pattern Buyaka[1]IonStormPtrnBuyaka.jpg
Jungle/Forest Camo[1]JungForeCamo.jpg
Mars Pattern[1]MarsCamo.jpg
Mars Pattern XXI[1]MarsPatternXXICamo.jpg
Codex Pattern variant: Salt plain: Ammonium-based
Ref.:Fighting 9th Regiment, Assault on Tsunami Reef[2a]
Scrubland Desert Camo[1]ScrubDesCamo.jpg
Snow Camo[1]SnowCamo2.jpg
Snow/Ash Wastes[1]SnowAshWastesCamo.jpg
Snow Camo[1]SnowCamo.jpg
Codex Pattern variant: Sub-arctic: Mountainous
Ref.:3rd Regiment The Wrecking Crew, Task Force Reaper, Tranquillity Campaign[2a]
Swampy Woodlands[1]SwampWoodCamo.jpg
Urban Rubble[1]UrbanRubbleCamo.jpg
Urban Streets[1]UrbanStreetsCamo.jpg
Urban Streets[1]UrbanStreetsCamo2.jpg

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