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Astral Knives

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The Astral Knives are a Calixis Sector Death Cult,[1] that is also active in the Koronus Expanse.[2]


The Cult serves at times as killers for hire, but see themselves as true servants of the God Emperor. The Astral Knives' creed is to ritually assassinate those whom omens and the Tarot indicate to be corrupt. In doing so, the Cult believes it preserves the God Emperor's protection on those who must brave the Warp. However for their actions, they came under persecution by the Calixis Sector's Inquisition in M41. This led a congregation of the Astral Knives to travel to the Koronus Expanse, where they settled on Footfall in 795.M41. Since then, the Cult has quietly flourished and has gained a shadowy reputation as a faction both dangerous and powerful.[1]