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Astrov Yemenev

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Astrov Yemenev is a Tank Commander in the Vostroyan 24th ‘Iron Bloods’ Armoured Regiment, which came to the aid of the Hive World Degis when it was invaded by the Craftworld Biel-Tan.[1]

Among Biel-Tan's forces was the dreaded Fire Prism tank ace Vathwal Heavenlance and when the Eldar became separated from Biel-Tan's invading forces, Yemenev led his Leman Russ Battle Tank Company against Heavenlance. In the skirmish that followed, Heavenlance was not easy prey and managed to destroy more than half of Yemenev's Company before the Tank Commander devised a tactic that would bring an end to the battle. He quickly ordered his remaining Leman Russ Tanks to lay down a blanket of fire on either side of Heavenlance's zigzagging Fire Prism, which restricted the Eldar to a narrow channel of movement, and this allowed Yemenev to kill the Biel-Tan tank ace.[1]