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Asurma is the current Sister-Commander of the Sisters of Silence's and commands its forces located in Luna's Somnus Citadel.[1]

She was once one of the Sisters located on the small convent on Yllax, but this changed with the coming of the reborn Primarch Guilliman. He soon reconstituted the Sisters of Silence into the Imperium and with that change, Asurma was given the title of Sister Commander and command of Luna's Somnus Citadel. She is now rebuilding both the Sisterhood's ranks and the disused Citadel, but Asurma considers it strange how much her life has changed, in such a short time. She has vowed, however, to learn everything she can of the Sister's history from the Citadel and to never again allow the Imperium to weaken the Order's power.[1]