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Rune of the Asuryani[11]

The Asuryani[1a], also known as Craftworld Eldar or Eldar of the Stars[2], are kindred of the Drukhari and other Aeldari, an ancient race of elf-like humanoids. Their armies make use of specialist warriors, known as Aspect Warriors and a wide range of specialized vehicles.[1b] The Asuryani reside aboard vast ships known as Craftworlds, and transverse the galaxy use a network of extra-dimensional tunnels known as the Webway. Each Craftworld possesses its own heritage, history, and even goals. While some Craftworlds may be reclusive in nature, others are known to have gained notoriety.[3a]

Amongst the more well-known races and factions in the galaxy, the Asuryani are unique in that they are entirely void-faring. However, a Craftworlder may leave the Asuryani path to potentially become an Outcast, Corsair, or any number of paths beyond life in the Craftworld.[1d]

While Craftworlds may be allied, there is no singular leader amongst the Asuryani. Each Craftworld may possess different forms of leadership, be they Seer Councils[1e] or a system of clan alliances[1f].

Craftworld Eldar activity across the Galaxy[8]


In the days of the ancient Aeldari Dominion, the Craftworlds were used as trading vessels, in which the Aeldari traveled the galaxy. Trading missions would typically take a Craftworld away from its home planet away for centuries, far beyond Aeldari space, before returning home. Due to these extended travels, the Craftworlds developed a sense of independence, and did not fall to the malign influences of the Aeldari homeworlds that precipitated the Fall.[3a]

Due to their extended distance from the Aeldari homeworlds, the decline of society was immediately apparent to the Craftworlders. However, to those Aeldari still residing in their home worlds, the slow degeneration was not obvious. In the final weeks before the Fall, returning Craftworlds rescued those they deemed sane enough. Those Craftworlds which did not escape in time were either destroyed by the psychic energies of the Fall, or sucked into the warp and into the grasp of the newly born Slaanesh.[3a]

These Craftworlds have also established new colonies of their own, which are not independent from the Craftworlds themselves. These are distinct from the earlier settled worlds of the Exodites.[3b]

After the formation of the Great Rift following the 13th Black Crusade, many of the Craftworlds have experienced calamities and Chaos attacks as well as civil strife. Much of Craftworld society has become split along the question of Ynnead and its growing cult known as the Ynnari. Alaitoc is the only major Craftworld to escape this discord.[22]


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The Asuryani make use of complex and varied psychoplastics, which are solids formed under psychic pressure. This material is more akin to living tissue than inert substances, reacting to their environment similarly to plants. The most unusual of these materials is known as wraithbone, which is an immensely resilient substance that repairs itself over time. The growth of these materials may be accelerated by the aid of a Bonesinger. Wraithbone forms the skeleton of Craftworlds, as well as elite heavy weapons such as Wraithknights.[1g]

To protect their souls from the tortures of Slaanesh upon death, Craftworld Eldar make use of Spirit Stones. These catch their souls and protect them from Slaanesh's grasp. Spirit Stones are subsequently stored in the Infinity Circuit of an Eldar Craftworld where they join the living core of the vessel.[7a] Other Souls are plugged into Wraith Constructs via the Spirit Stones, where such souls rejoin the living as engines of war.[6a]


Culture varies widely from Craftworld to Craftworld. The Craftworld of Saim-Hann follow a tribal culture composed of multiple clans, which may compete or enter ritual combat for honor or political power.[1f] The Craftworld of Iyanden is largely inhabited by ghost warriors, remains of a prior encounter with Tyranids.[1h] Craftworld Alaitoc maintains a culture of strict discipline, with many members adhering to one of the many warrior paths, and consequently many leaving the Craftworld to follow the Path of the Outcast.[1i]

Despite the murder of most of their gods following the Fall, the Asuryani continue to cling to their folklore and traditions. Their legends are centered on tales of ancient heroes, such as the Eldanesh and his brother Ulthanash, and tales of their pantheon. The chief of their pantheon is the Phoenix King Asuryan, of whom the Asuryani are considered his children. Their legends also include the blood-handed war god Khaine, the crone Morai-Heg and others.[1l]

Asuryani Paths

A Dire Avenger Eldar Warrior[1]
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Craftworld life is centered on a set of paths or Ai’elethra. The intent of a path is to enforce discipline upon the Asuryani mind, and harness the emotional/intellectual intensity of the Aeldari mind without jeopardizing themselves or others. These paths may include artisan, command, or funerary disciplines. The most notable of these Asuryani paths is the Path of the Warrior, each representing a different facet (or aspect) of the Aeldari war god Khaine.[1a] The originator and leader of a Warrior Aspect is known as a Phoenix Lord, with Asurmen and the Dire Avengers being the first Phoenix Lord and Warrior Aspect, respectively.[1j]

The Asuryani at war

Those who abandon the Path altogether, walk a path known as the Path of the Outcast, choosing instead to live in exile and travel the galaxy, where the are susceptible to the grasp of She-Who-Thirsts.[1d] In the Aeldari language, there are five different words for Outcast, each representing how far they have from their Craftworld and the Path. Outcasts who no longer possess any ties to their home Craftworld are known as Eshairr.[4] Those that become corsairs, pirates, and renegades are known as Anhrathe.[5] Outcasts may find serve their home Craftworlds in the form of becoming Rangers and Pathfinders.

Warrior Paths
Warrior Path Phoenix Lord
Dark Reapers Maugan Ra
Dire Avengers Asurmen
Fire Dragons Fuegan
Howling Banshees Jain Zar
Shadow Spectres Irillyth
Striking Scorpions Karandras
Shining Spears Drastanta
Swooping Hawks Baharroth
Warp Spiders Lhykosidae


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Asuryani Craftworld

Craftworlds are the gigantic spacecraft habitats of the Asuryani. They travel through the void of space at sub-light speeds, carrying the greater remnant of the Eldar race after the Fall of their civilization. Each Craftworld is a self-sufficient, independent realm with its own culture. Craftworlds are in many ways living entities, powered by psychic energy from its Infinity Circuit and responding in an organic way to the stimuli of psychic forces. The power within a Craftworld can be expended as light or heat, and most Craftworld technology could not function without this psychic power grid.[6c]

While many Craftworlds exist, the five major and most well known ones are:

Notable Asuryani

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