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Atarine Hestia

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Atarine Hestia is a veteran Sister of Silence who established an enclave of the Sisterhood on the Imperium world Arraissa in late M41.

By that time the Sisters of Silence had long lost their standing among the other militant orders of the Imperium and were largely ignored and forgotten. This had caused the Sisterhood's Order to fragment and led to the formations of many isolated enclaves, who still served the Emperor to the best of their ability. Hestia's enclave was one of these isolated Sisterhoods, but she was able to keep the enclave supplied with equipment, staff to aid the Sisters in their mission and pay the necessary tithes and bribes to keep the leadership of Arraissa away from them. Despite focusing on training new generations of Sisters of Silence, Hestia's skills remained sharp and she continued to hunt down the forces of Chaos. One such act, was during the early years of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, when Hestia single handedly destroyed the Circlet Cult in the shipyards of Eyrinan V and afterwards discovered information that led to several other Cults and Cultists[1a]. It was during the Crusade's fifth year, however that her years of service to the Emperor seemed to come to an end, when the Black Legion invaded Arraissa, in an attempt to end the threat the Sisters posed to them. When the attack was over, the enclave was destroyed and the Sisters and staff who supported them were killed. One of Hestia's disciples, the Witch Seeker Tanau Aleya, later returned to the enclave, having been off-world when the attack occurred, and searched its wreckage for any survivors. While she did not find anyone alive within her former home, Aleya also did not find Hestia's body and refused to believe her skilled master met her end in the Black Legion's attack[1b]. Though she does not know what happened to Hestia, Aleya was sure she would meet her master again.[1a]