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Athanazius was the Chief Librarian for the Angels Resplendent Chapter, when the Undying Martyr arrived on their Homeworld and began to turn them into the Angels Penitent.[1]

With their Chapter Master, Varzival, away campaigning, most of the Angels Resplendent fell under the sway of the Undying Martyr. Athanazius and his fellow Librarians were the only ones to resist the Martyr, which led them to be targeted in the Angels' Great Purge. The Purge destroyed anything that linked the Chapter to its past and the Librarians judgement came at the hands of a group of Battle Brothers led by Chaplain Malvoisin. However even as the group came to end them, Athanazius and the other Librarians did nothing to defend themselves. Instead the Chief Librarian uttered the Resplendent's battle cry, "We will rise on burning wings". This brought the attacking Battle Brothers to a stand still, especially Sergeant Montaig who felt his new found self-hatred drain away. However, Chaplain Malvoisin, who was the main advocate for the Martyr's changes, yelled out the Penitent's new battle cry, "The Emperor Condemns". This roused the hatred of the attacking Battle Brothers once more and they fell upon Athanazius and the other Librarians. With their deaths, the Angels Penitent were able to fully rise from the ashes of the Angels Resplendent' past.[1]