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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Exarch. For other uses of Athenys, see Athenys (disambiguation).

Athenys is an Eldar Exarch[1a] of the Line of Manan from Craftworld Ulthwé.[1b] She acted as the bodyguard of Farseer Auric Stormcloud.[1a]


Athenys spent a long time walking the Warrior Path.[1a]

She travelled with Farseer Auric Stormcloud to Medusa to find Rogue Trader Janus Darke to get him to take them to Crone World Belial IV.[1a]


Athenys was shorter than Auric Stormcloud. She had a narrow face with a narrow and sharp chin, wide full lips, and small sharp extremely white teeth. While on Medusa she wore a massive bulky black cloak trimmed with white fur, to try to blend in.[1a]