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Athera Sabine

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Athera Sabine[1]

Athera Sabine is the top bodyguard of Necromunda's House Escher and she is also the gene-sister of the House's current Matriarch Primus, Adina Sabine.[1]


She is known across the Hive World as a deadly fighter with her master-crafted chainaxe and Athera stands ready to brutalize those who would do her sister and Matriarch harm. The bodyguard has been at Adina's side since the Matriarch's ascension to the Council of Crones and Athera often acts as her sister's proxy in matters of honor. She also serves as an Escher House Agent and is currently aiding Adina in the Aranthian Succession, that is currently enveloping Necromunda. Wherever Athera goes, however, her Caryatid companion Stix is never far behind.[1]