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Atrahasis was a Sorcerer in the Thousand Sons Legion's Raptora Fellowship, during the Horus Heresy. He later served as Chief Librarian Ahriman's Equerry during the Heresy's Battle for Terra.[1]

A cold-hearted member of the Raptora Cult, Atrahasis was part of the team of Magnus, Ahriman, Amon, and Menkaura which infiltrated the Imperial Palace during the siege.[1] During the confrontation with Malcador and Alivia Sureka deep in the Sanctum Imperialis, Magnus initially gave a strict order to not fire as he attempted to gauge the Sigillite's intentions. However after learning his lost shard was now beyond his reach Magnus flew into a rage and killed Malcador, causing Atrahasis to blow Sureka apart with a Bolter round.[1a] After regaining his composure Magnus detonated every atom in Atrahasis' body for disobeying his order not to fire. His callous execution rubbed Ahriman the wrong way and created some doubt towards his father.[1b]