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Attalus Fellhand

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Attulus Fellhand is a Deathwatch Champion serving in Watch Fortress Erioch.


In the short time he has been at Erioch, Attalus has already gained a reputation for impulsiveness and disorderly conduct that has made him few friends and has strained the nerves of the Chamber of Vigilance more than once. Before his arrival, Attalus had won renown as a great slayer of Orks among his Battle-Brothers in the Space Wolves Chapter — a tremendous accolade in a Chapter so well-known for its fierce love of hand-to-hand combat. With his skill in combat, his Great Company, currently serving in the Orpheus Salient, decided to send him to Erioch to learn the ways of Tyranid fighting known at the Watch Fortress, so that he can return and teach them to his Battle-Brothers.[1]

In truth, Attalus makes a poor student and a worse teacher, a fact he's painfully aware of and deeply worried about. Attalus covers his fear of failure with brash antagonism, much preferring to work out his frustrations in duels or challenges. He has even begun seeking out Deathwatch missions that involve Orks, in the hope that slaying some familiar enemies might give his flagging ego a boost. His fellow Space Wolf Harl Greyweaver, Erioch's Forge Master, is one of the few in the Watch Fortress who supports him. Greyweaver has faith that given time, Attalus will shape up and prove a boon to his chapter. In the mean time, Watch Commander Mordigael has struck a balance by assigning Attalus to just about any Deathwatch mission that even has a scent of Tyranids. It is hoped Attalus will be more successful at learning in the company of Deathwatch Battle-Brothers knowledgeable in the ways of the Tyranid. As a side effect, the policy serves to keep the troublesome Attalus away from Erioch for lengthy periods of time.[1]