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Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map au'taal.jpg Name Au'Taal Au'taal Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Second
Location: Eastern Fringe Au'taal Fire Warrior.jpg
Colours: Bright Green sept markings[1b]

Au'Taal is a Tau sept established during the Second Sphere of Expansion.[4]

Au'taal Prime is a resort planet and is well known as a verdant and beautiful world, where only honoured heroes can retire.[1a] There are defensive platforms in the orbital space of this planet that bristle with weapon systems, because the Tau take the protection of their brave elders very seriously.[2] Tau from this sept are known for their easygoing attitude toward their duty to the empire, and other Tau often regard them as lazy.[4]

Sept Information

Sept Colours
Bright Green
Uniform Variations
Dark Red-Brown & Bone; Black

Other information

The planet Au'taal is famous for its exotic fruits that are used when trading with other races.[3]