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The Aucteller is an ancient rite, which had Knights oath-sworn to strike down their foe's greatest warriors.[1a]


Those who do so have the Aucteller's graven oath-mark put upon their Knights' suits heralding their oaths. During the Horus Heresy, the rite was practiced by both Imperial Knights[1a] and Corrupted Knights. However the Corrupted Knights' rites were twisted by Chaos and their Aucteller oath-marks were brands that were bound to a specific target for them to kill. Once it was placed upon them, the Corrupted Knights were turned into singular hunters, that were often sent to kill their foes' enemy commanders or greatest warriors. It also inflicted searing pain upon the Corrupted Knights, though, which lessened with each step they took towards their prey. Their agony would only end, however, with the death of their target or with the death of the Corrupt Knights themselves.[1b]

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