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Augur shell

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Augur shells were experimental munitions developed for the Conqueror Cannon (the main turret weapon mounted on the Leman Russ Conqueror).[1a]

Developed on the Forge World of Gryphonne IV in M39, the intent was to create a shell that could deliver increased firepower compared to the standard ammunition of the Conqueror[1a] for the purposes of allowing a Conqueror to take on more heavily-armoured enemy vehicles or fortifications.[1b][2] An augur shell consists of a soft explosive encased in a thinner shell. On impact, the shell opens and the explosive is spread over the target before a base-mounted fuse detonates it after a microsecond.[1b]

Overall, the experiment was considered a failure.[1a] Augur shells are no longer manufactured by Gryphonne IV[1a] and few are produced elsewhere, either.[1b] Despite this, some Conqueror Commanders still maintain a supply of augur shells.[2]

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