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Augusta Santorus

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Sister Superior Augusta[2]

Augusta Santorus is a Sister Superior and twenty year veteran of the Order of the Bloody Rose.[1]


When the Missionary Lysimachus Tanichus sent word to Ophelia VII about possibly discovering an ancient cathedral dedicated to Saint Mina on Lautis, Augusta immediately volunteered to discover the truth of the matter. She was told, however, that Lautis had been out of contact with the Imperium for millennia, until Tanichus arrived to reconvert them to the Imperial Cult. Though the world could have now potentially become a staging area for the forces of Chaos or Xenos, Augusta was determined to find out if Saint Mina once walked its surface. However, as her squadron and Tanichus searched the cathedral for evidence of the Saint's presence, they soon discovered that a large Ork horde was approaching it. Augusta, was unwilling to abandon the holy site to the Xenos and both her squadron and Tanichus opened fire upon the Orks. With the element of surprise, many of the Orks fell, before the Xenos finally swarmed the cathedral.[1]

In the fierce fighting that followed, Augusta clashed with the horde's Warboss, but the Xenos managed to grab hold of her. She was then shocked, when the brute laughed and told her the Orks had known the Sisters would be in the cathedral. Before the Warboss could kill Augusta, however, her Battle Sister Viola pointed her bolter at the Ork and ordered him to put the Sister Superior down. The Warboss paused and it was then he discovered that his horde had been miraculously killed by the Sisters. This caused the Warboss to let go of Augusta, and she demanded to know how the Orks discovered the Sisters would be in the cathedral. The Warboss shrugged and simply explained that they were Blood Axes and the horde had come to take the Sisters' weapons for their own use. With that, Augusta knew her squadron had been betrayed and the likely suspect was Tanichus. The Missionary was the only one on Lautis, that knew the Sisters were coming to search the cathedral. Augusta then ordered her squadron to find Tanichus, while Viola killed the Warboss when he grabbed a nearby grenade. Tanichus meanwhile had tried to escape, before he was captured by the Sisters and brought before Augusta.[1]

Though he pleaded his innocence, Augusta pronounced Tanichus to be a heretic and told the missionary he should confess to save his soul. A terrified and sobbing Tanichus then admitted to his crimes and said the Orks had been destroying the world's villages, before he arrived. The Missionary was in a village near the cathedral, when the Orks approached it and in order to save the village's population, Tanichus made a deal with the Xenos. If the horde spared the village, he would bring the Sisters to the cathedral, where the Orks could then kill them and claim their weapons. But the Missionary swore he knew the Sisters would kill the Xenos and he was still loyal to the Imperium. With the truth now revealed, Augusta pronounced that Tanichus would die for his betrayal, which had cost the life of her Battle Sister Kimura. But she told the Missionary, that Lautis and its population would now be under the protection of the Order of the Bloody Rose. With that, Augusta executed the still pleading Tanichus, by slitting his throat with her Fleur-de-lys punch-dagger.[1]