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Ethereal Aun'Do

Aun'Do is a T'au Ethereal.[1]

While overseeing Commander Shadowsun in the Prefectia Campaign, Aun'Do's Orca was shot down over Prefectia. A desperate hunt between the Raven Guard under Shadow Captain Solaq and Shadowsun erupted, both vying to capture the valuable leader. However in the end Aun'Do was able to escape back to safety.[1]

Aun'Do was eventually killed on Mantra Primau by Battle Sister Anarchia. Aun'Do had sought to interrogate Anarchia to understand the source of the power displayed by Imperial Saint Nixia Ameldus. Unknown to him, Nixia had convinced Anarchia to do her duty by surrendering to the T#au, giving her the chance to kill the T'au commander.[2]