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Aun'la Tsua'malor Viorla

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Aun'la Tsua'malor Viorla is a low ranking member of the Tau Ethereal caste, who was captured by a Deathwatch Kill-team from a courier craft in Tau-controlled space. As far as the Deathwatch know, the Tau are unaware that the Aun has been captured and believe him to have been killed in the explosion of his ship. The ease with which he was captured has led many to question whether it was some kind of trap laid out by the Tau. Some believe Aun'la is not an Ethereal at all. Regardless, Aun'la was examined down to a molecular level for concealed weapons and explosives before being brought to Erioch, and is thought to pose no threat. Nevertheless he is carefully watched at all times and kept fully quarantined from the other Tau prisoners on Erioch.[1]