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Aun'ui Hoo'nan

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This page contains spoilers for: Storm of Damocles (Novel)

Aun'ui Hoo'nan was a Tau Empire Ethereal, that oversaw the hidden M'Yan'Ral Stormsurge facility on Sh'anshi[1a].

However it was later invaded by the Deathwatch and White Scars Chapter, after its location was discovered by Watch Captain Nergui[1b]. The sudden attack, caught the facility's Fire Warriors off guard, though they quickly began to fight back against the invaders. This was not enough to stop the Imperium's forces from invading deep within M'Yan'Ral, however, which caused its commander, the Fireblade M'au, to fear for Hoo'nan's safety. This led the Fireblade to personally escort the Ethereal to a secured room, which he and several others Fire Warriors then guarded[1c]. However, the Watch Commander Jotunn had sensed their was an Ethereal in the facility and had begun a search for the Tau leader. He eventually found Hoo'nan's room and despite outnumbering the Space Marine, M'au and his warriors were killed by Jotunn, who then killed the Ethereal as well.[1d]