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Custodes Auramite Armour[4]

Auramite is a powerful resilient material used in the construction of Adeptus Custodes Power Armour[1] that is said to be similar to the Ceramite used by Space Marines.[2]

Auramite is an incredibly rare substance, whose natural colouration is a shining gold, a hue entirely appropriate for the Emperor's personal guardians. However, through closely guarded alchemical processes, auramite can be tinted, or its colour changed altogether on a molecular level. It is a costly and painstaking process, but considered far more suited to the Custodians' importance than simple repainting.[3]

Auramite is almost quantum-inert, and so is an effective material for the use of psychic abilities and the manipulation of warp energy, second only to bare skin in terms of conductivity. As such the Emperor chose it as the primary material for his armour, after which Custodes Power Armour would be styled.[5]