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Aurelian Hive

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the hive. For other uses of Aurelian, see Aurelian (disambiguation).

Aurelian Hive was a hive city on the planet Caligula.[1]

When the forces of Chaos ravaged the Sabbat Worlds Cluster, most of Caligula fell under their control until the Imperial forces of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade arrived to liberate the planet. Once the Imperials had pacified Nero Hive and Aurelian Hive and established a defensive presence on the planet, the supplies stored in Aurelian were earmarked for distribution to the other hives - in particular Hive Calphernia.[1]


Caligula and many of the settlements on it share their names with various Emperors of the ancient Roman Empire. In this case, "Aurelius" was a fairly common given name for Emperors; the hive might be named for either Emperor Aurelian or possibly Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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