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Aurelianum is the capital city of the planet Honoria. Much like all of the major settlements on Honoria, Aurelianum is very heavily fortified, with walls over a hundred metres high and a large number of weapon emplacements. It possesses eighteen great gates, twelve of which provide passage through the outer walls and six that access the Inner Citadel, a defensible redoubt for the inhabitants to fall back to should the outer walls be breached.[1a]

The city saw heavy fighting during the Battle for Honoria, as it was the primary target of Warboss Groblonik and his Waaagh!.[1c] Eventually, the warboss was killed in a duel with the Dark Angels Librarian Ezekiel and its Waaagh! was defeated.[1d][2]

Notable Locations[1b]

  • Anantine Gate
  • Liguria Gate
  • Nilumbria Gate
  • Subarius Gate
  • Sularian Gate
  • Tamhdu Gate