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Auretian Technocracy

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The Auretian Technocracy was the government of the human colony Aureus. The 63rd Expeditionary Fleet destroyed it at the end of the Great Crusade.

The Technocracy used knowledge from at least one STC template to develop their civilization. The Technocracy military unit called "The Brotherhood" utilized power armor similar to that employed by the Adeptus Astartes.

Upon encountering the Imperium, the ruler of the Technocracy (the Fabricator Consul) and his honour guard met with Warmaster Horus on the Vengeful Spirit. The Consul mentioned to the Warmaster that his government had an STC in its possession; Horus (having since secretly pledged to overthrow the Emperor) drew his pistol, killed the Consul on the spot, and ordered the Sons of Horus to exterminate the Consul's Brotherhood guards. Official records at the time stated that the Fabricator Consul's staff contained a weapon which would have assassinated the Warmaster, prompting the war against the Technocracy. However, Garviel Loken, one of the Astartes present at the incident, claims this was a lie used to justify a war against the Auretians.

After the brutal Auretian Technocracy War, the civilization was destroyed.[1]