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Aurox Armoured Transport

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Aurox Armoured Transport

The Aurox Armoured Transport was an armoured personnel carrier used by the Solar Auxilia and Imperialis Militia during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy[1].


Similar in design to that of the Legion's Rhino Armoured Carrier, the Aurox was made to be mass-manufactured, reproducible and easily serviced by units in the field[2]. In order to better protect its crew, the Aurox was given a rear section that was even bulkier and more heavily armoured than mainline battle tanks[1], and its modular design allowed for additional armour and weapons configurations[2]. One such design was the Saturnyne Pattern Aurox, which was re-fitted for extreme environmental conditions and was used by the Solar Auxilia.[1]

In battle the Aurox's main function was to get grenadier units into position to bombard their foes, or to give Imperial Commanders protection as they planned their next strike.[1]


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