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Aurum (Sword)

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Aurum is a power sword once belonging to the Blood Angels Chapter but is now wielded by the Night Lords Legionnaire Talos of First Claw, Tenth Company, aboard the Covenant of Blood.[1]

"It was called Aurum. Words barely did its craftsmanship justice. Forged when the Emperor’s Great Crusade took its first steps into the stars, the blade was forged for one of the Blood Angels Legion’s first heroes. It had come into Talos’s possession centuries later, when he’d murdered Aurum’s heir."[1]

Talos and thus by extension his company, are constantly hunted by the Blood Angels who look to reclaim their relic from him. He finds this amusing, however he is disappointed over the amount of times that he has had to slay his brothers who wish to possess it through a duel to the death. At times he uses the sword to lure his Blood Angel predators into a trap, where he then slays them as they become distracted by Aurum's presence. It is described as having a golden blade, with what is essentially the emblem of the Blood Angels as its crosspiece, ruby red blood droplet and angelic wings, all.[1]


"The blade is in his hands, a masterwork of form and function. The hilt and cross-guard is crafted from bronze and polished ivory, forming the outstretched wings of an angel. Between the wings, set into the base of the blade on both sides, rubies the size of a mortal man’s eyes have been cut and shaped into crimson teardrops. The blade itself is forged of adamantite stained gold,with High Gothic runes hand-scribed along the weapon’s length detailing a long and illustrious lineage of fallen foes. Talos had killed none of them, for this blade was never forged to be his. He grips it now, feeling the reassuring weight of the stolen weapon, as comfortable in his hands at this moment as it was a decade before when he’d taken it from the dying grasp of an Imperial champion. Aurum. The blade was called Aurum—the power sword of noble Captain Dumah of the Blood Angels. Its kiss was death; like all power weapons, a ravaging energy field tore apart solid matter with every strike. But Aurum was forged when the Imperium was young, when the tech-priests of Mars were as much artisans as keepers of secrets." [2]

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