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Autocannons are similar in concept to twentieth century tank guns.[1] They are rapid-firing weapons able to use a wide variety of ammunition, from mass-reactive explosive[1] to solid shells.[2]

General Information

Autocannons are usually either mounted on weapon carriages or vehicles because of their great weight.[1]

Due to their high rate of fire and sufficient killing power, they are effective against large infantry formations and light armored vehicles.[3] This makes them ideal for use against large Tyranid organisms and Orkish vehicles.[4] They are also useful against heavy infantry such as Space Marines, although their power armour has been known to stop autocannon rounds.[5]

Autocannons are used by the Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Witch Hunters, and Chaos Space Marines. Orks in particular enjoy using autocannons because of the prodigious noise and recoil produced by firing them.[2]

Known Patterns

Famous Autocannon users


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