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Autonomous Spirit

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Autonomous Spirits are the Necrons equivalent of the Imperium's Machine Spirits, only they are more highly advanced and powerful.[1a]


They are used in the Necrons' Tomb Worlds, spaceships[1a], fightercraft[1c] and even in the Xenos' massive weapons[1d]. Autonomous Spirits on Tomb Worlds control their functions and pass the Dynasty's royal protocol-patterns to its new rulers during a succession[1a]. However, Spirits on awakening Necron Worlds can also cause the creation of Severed Worlds, where they seize control of their population's bodies, should the Necron not awaken[2]. Autonomous Spirits are also so advanced, that the Necrons' spaceships barely need to have bridge crews at all. A ship's movement, firing of its weapons and any repairs using scarabs, can all be done by the Spirit. Though the Spirits will usually need the Necron commander of their ship, to direct them to do so[1b]. There are exceptions, however, as a large group of Canopteks can form a gestalt mind, with a ship's Spirit, in order to give it direct control over the ship[1c]. Some Autonomous Spirits are so strong, though, that they can take command of a ship on their own.[1f]

If they have been dormant, the Spirits can be programmed to have security protocols in place, which activate when someone attempts to take command of them. These can be in the form a series of riddles the Spirits will give, which a Necron of their Dynasty would know the answers to[1d]. While they can be communicated with by the Necrons, Autonmous Spirits are considered to be vast, but also dumb and brutish. However the Xenos describe the Spirits as having personality traits, such as becoming sullen when damage is done to their ship. Also if a ship's commander often talks with its Spirit, then the Spirit could eventually consider the commander, and not its Dynasty's Phaeron, to be the ship's true master.[1e]