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Auxiliary grenade launcher

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Auxiliary Grenade Launcher underslung a Bolt Rifle barrel

Auxiliary grenade launchers are smaller versions of the Grenade Launcher which attach to other Imperial weapons such as bolters, lasguns and autoguns (though pistols are too small to carry them) and allow the user to lob pre-primed and preloaded grenades at the enemy. The auxiliary launcher is used by throwing a catch which deactivates the primary weapon's firing mechanism and activates the launcher's, allowing a pull of the trigger to launch a single grenade at the enemy and hopefully destroy it.[1]

Many auxiliary grenade launchers have their own internal magazine allowing them to carry multiple grenades, however they are always preloaded with a single type of grenade. This is most often krak grenades, providing extra short-range firepower and vehicle-busting capacity, but they also accept frag grenades and other common varieties.[1] Other launchers are single-shot only, and while able to fire a variety of grenade types their added weight and cumbersome nature means most users rarely bother to reload once expended.[2]