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Avald Stevang

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Avald Stevang was the Lord Comptroller of The Order, which ruled a Human empire within the Galaspar Cluster, until the arrival of the Imperium's Great Crusade.[1a]


Its violent refusal to join the Imperium, led the Primarch Mortarion to attack the Order, in order to free the Cluster's population from its tyranny. His Death Guard Legion then launched an attack upon the Order's Capital World Galaspar, whose Primary Hive, Protarkos, was where Lord Comptroller Stevang ruled from[1a]. After a long battle, the Hive was seized and Stevang and Protarkos' Order personnel were executed by the Death Guard. Galaspar would be purged of every single member of the Order as well[1b], which ended its control of the Galaspar Cluster.[1c]