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Ranged Close Combat
Avenger Shuriken Catapult
Shuriken Pistol
Shuriken Catapult

Shuriken Weaponry are weapons almost unique to the Eldar, as this technology is extremely advanced and very difficult to replicate. The Eldar make widespread use of shuriken weaponry, which ranges in size from personal sidearms to massive tank-mounted cannons, and all operate on the same principles.[1b][2][3a] The art of using a shuriken weapon is one that most Eldar will learn, if only for a period of time as part of a Guardian squad, though many Aspect Shrines give great focus on how to wield these deadly weapons.[4]


Like most Eldar technology, Shuriken weapons are grown from a psychoactive material known as Wraithbone. A special subset of Bonesingers who have previously walked the Path of the Warrior are tasked with crafting the weapons.[8]


All shuriken weapons are built around a gravitic accelerator, similar to the motors which propel Imperial Land Speeders, and a solid core of ammunition composed of a plasti-crystal material, stored in the weapon's magazine. High-energy impulses originating from the rear of the weapon detach a monomolecular-thin slice of the core and hurl this slice out the barrel of the weapon at tremendous velocities due to a peristaltic shift. A magnetic repulsor forces the ammunition core out of the magazine and keeps it in line with the firing impulse. Using this method a burst of a hundred rounds can be fired in one or two seconds, and each core is good for ten or more of these bursts before requiring replacement.[1b][2][3a] The downside to this method of operation is that shuriken weapons lack rifling in the barrel; this not only reduces accuracy but also the range of these weapons in comparison to normal projectile weapons of similar size.[2]

The shuriken missiles themselves can be formed into a variety of shapes and designs, though whether these exist for practical or purely aesthetic purposes are unknown,[2] with the most common pattern being a star followed by triangular and circular shapes.[1b] Whatever their shape these razor-sharp missiles are capable of not only slicing straight through flesh and bone, but also penetrating a considerable thickness of metal and even plasteel armour.[1b]

As with most Eldar technology, shuriken weapons are psychically activated, constructed of wraithbone which is particularly sensitive to the Eldar's innate psychic mind. For many personal weapons this link is established though the grip and connects with additional systems incorporated to their armour.[4]

Types of Shuriken weapons

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