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Clan Avernii

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Symbol of Clan Avernii

Clan Avernii, known as the "Forge-Born", is one of the ten active Clan-Companies of the Iron Hands.[2]


During the time of the Horus Heresy, the Avernii provided the Morlock Terminator elite that acted as the guards of Ferrus Manus.[1a] Today they act as the Veteran Company of the Chapter. Unlike most Veteran companies, the Avernii consist not of those who have served for the longest within the Chapter but rather those who have received the heaviest and most perfected bionic augmentation. It is said that the Avernii are literally rebuilt, stripped of entire limbs and internal organs. Implanted cogitators provide access into the Chapter's datastores, compensating for inexperience with cold, hard facts and unfaltering logic. All Iron Hands make extensive use of simuluation chambers to test a battle's manifold outcomes before ever a shot is fired, but the Avernii maintain simulus data-tethers even during combat, applying pre-cogitated solutions to developments as they occur. Such drastic procedures lead to horrific attrition results, but surviving the process is considered a test of worthiness.[2]

The result are warriors who are cold and distant, but implanted with the most precious relics of the Chapter. It is said that the only emotions an Avernii feels are the inherited guilt for Ferrus Manus's death, and the righteous anger to see it avenged upon those who would threaten the Imperium.[2]

Notable Members

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The Avernii are likely named after the Arverni, who were a Gallic people dwelling in the modern Auvergne region during the Iron Age and the Roman period. They were one of the most powerful tribes of ancient Gaul, contesting primacy over the region with the neighbouring Aedui.